Saturday, March 12, 2011

40 below

don't read this when you're tenderhearted
and can't handle 40 below

my husband still gives me the best sex ever
i know my boyfriends might not like this post
but when you wake up
and it is still close to 40 below
and you feel freezing
and it's one of these mornings
when the world might come to an end
and you don't know what you want
and your husbands always forgives you
because he is ruled by his penis
and your centre is your clit

when i was sitting here at the computer
and he strokes my shoulder with his hard on
i say, oh well rub me hard
because i am cold inside and out
and that's what he does
and the blankets piled high
and i feel better already
and he does much more

you know when this time he would have had me tied down
i would have surely come either that or died
my safeword can just be, no
because i know when fighting to get loose from his grip
i can scream:), please
please go on


the things good sex will do to my mood

Saturday, March 5, 2011

it's the high heels
that make me feel
this ain't me
more accustomed
to be naked
i like my leather skirt
and will start dreaming
let's start:
i apply
for this worldly job
at naughtystep&co
later yet
financially affluent
living on the top floor
looking down
on my own boss
ahhhh it's a just dream
and really it ain't me

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i dream

to live in a silver bay, with golden rays of sunshine, the spray of the waves, the salt on my skin
to be tired from love making, the wind blowing my hair, the warmth of his body
laughter surrounding me, the porpoises jumping in front of the boat
talking for hours on end, listening to screeching sea birds and him

to live in endless desert, eating the juicy red fruits of the cactus,
licking his chin
the heat of the sun warming me, open skies for ever and on
mountains upside down from the ones i came to know
my legs scratched from the rocks we climb, my hand being held by his

to live in understanding the other, the joy of knowing eachother
conversations that build on, to relish in touching, to kiss you in between
all those things that make me know i am exactly were i always wanted to be
to feel blessed as one can be

the waves they come and go
i am with you
i am with him
and sometimes alone
i am always within
my heart sings with joy
i dance even when i do not

maybe that is my dream......