Friday, March 19, 2010

55 whispering toes

what makes me fall
in love
i know it wasn't you
it was my toes
whispering to me
pulling me in an direction
i did not know
i would go
whatever you said after that
i was already on this path
of no turning back
not ever since
have i polished my nails bright red
these 55 words above are my entry for
i know i do not play by the rules
i always had this trouble

long time ago
this is what my new lover said
after that

your hiking boots are telling
a story of omnipresence
who we are and where we go
your toenails give away your thoughts
polished red, love bare feet
an obvious sign to the outside world
femininity warming at the wood stove
a frivolous smile softly attracts attention
do we have the right for intimate secrets
to cross the line without false shame
to smell paradisiac apple scent

i kiss your earlobe and whisper goodnight

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


skin so pale
in the spring sun
it waited
for this warm touch
making love in
dry winter grass
skin against skin
sweating in the sun
your face
in an aura
of the bluest sky
your smile
you groaning
our juices replenishing
the barren land
oh i am so happy spring is here
even when you're not

Monday, March 15, 2010

women on top

I did reach the top of a small mountain today
but what is so neat, Annie was contacted by an old friend today
they haven't seen each other for thirty years
and lost contact many years ago

they found each other again through

"women on top"

come dance with us

Hi! whoever reads this
Oh happy day, i am
making pancakes
dancing in the nude
my husband coming in from outside
touching my warm breast with cold hands
And i am going up the mountain today
i will also study for a course
maybe even paint
so many things
so many things
laundry to do

I do have another blog
keeper of wild places
i did that for many months
without comments
i didn't even know there was such thing :)
i am eager for response
too eager?
i wonder
back then i believed
doing what i was doing
was what counted
loving loving
my wild places

what i found also
was wild places
in my self
that's what i want to share here
more than share
i want to have dialogue
what is your passion?
what are your fears?
please help me out
i feel i am ready

Maybe you are shocked by
our nakedness
like a friend says
'katrin who needs that'

All we want is celebrate, and i do (a party on your own is great:)and we do , we two, more laughter and joy, we want to invite more. come to our party if you know what i mean.

ask me about it, for goodness sake say something, even if it is, that you don't want to come. but rather what you would like for this coming together. When you don't have this need, don't worry. but know that i do.

Oh happy day! take my hand and lead me the way.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

dancing on my rock

from posing for him
the stir under my skin
started me dancing again
he showed me my body
where now i can feel
and see me
more gloriously yet
he is long gone
what's left
is the pure joy
of me loving me
solid as the rock i am upon
this feeling will never leave
not in tears or in fears
because it is me

Saturday, March 13, 2010

radiant you

So i found these photo's this week taken in May 2009...

Did i tell you how this celebrating our bodies, laughing and dancing in the snow started?
Yes, it was a man who brought it about.
The golden mom in me
A mom, one of us a grandma

How do i see myself, how did i see myself?

I am no great beauty, no let me take that back,
I am a great beauty :) but i laugh saying that, as i don't see myself that way

So this man, he asked me when we first met; what do you think about yourself? all on the Internet. He hinted on the bodily aspects. So i said what i like about myself and what i don't.
No risk taken being honest(so i thought:) i was not looking for him to like me, i am a married woman. He was just a man on the Internet, and i trusted him because..... secret information.

And i looked up to him thinking he has the answers for a more liberated life!

And so it did! It is liberating me! and us Annie and me.
Not quite in the way i thought :) to be continued....

And through this opening up, i am learning a lot from other women and men.
The essence; when we expose ourselves, fears and all
the result is always JOY
great joy
deliciously ravishing erupting Love
as i realize being naked in all ways i am very much the same as you, each of us in our own uniqueness.

Teach me more..... i'm loving it
we need each other to become One

There i sit upon my rock, shining in your radiance, and i say THANK YOU

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

on a bed of moss i bleed

the entrance of the womb

annie prepares a bed of moss for me
she the crone
me not quite yet
i still bleed
dark blood flows
streaking me
leaving red marks
on white moss
her words are wise
i wish were mine
but i am still me
and always be
i bleed
what will i do
with tears
when my body stops flowing
waves of blood
i think erroneously
tears of heartbreak
belong to young woman
possibly connected
to child bearing years
where men do matter
where we long to be entered
hungry for their seed
our child, i carried it
but now?
this late in life
still bleeding
still making love
deeper now and more full filling
i smile, this loving now
why now is it so very good:)
yes!, i realize
even after
i can still cry over love
maybe making love
will get better yet
tears might even
flow more freely
the longing,
our bodies mingling
the coming
more exciting yet:)
through this, my own body blog
through women friends most importantly
and falling deeply
for another man
i know
the joys, the sorrows in our heart
they belong to any age

and i laugh from deep within
from deep within the womb
let me have as many loving lovers
in this coming on
second half of life

that's why i am just a newborn now:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


i don't mind
me being older
what is older anyway
older then before?
i look at my body now
in a brand new way
so very young
everyday's a first

just playing

with paint
with photos
and me

(for my art i needed to see how my arm looks when it lays a certain way, so i take a picture of my self laying in that position, that's all:)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Irony - 55

I am blacklisted
a restraining order is put on me
my only crime:
loving way too much

take anyone
they can love you freely
smell, look, listen, purr
and lick
but me

break my bonds
let me leap into your sweatshop
all i ask is
please iron me
just put it on my debit card


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

what do you hide?

i'm smiling
wondering what your secrets are?
tell me
tell me
i love to hear

i have been telling
exposing myself
why not you? i smile
you don't have to tell me nothing
keep all your secrets if you wish
because i found the deeper i dig
the more i give away

there's always more
behind my deepest smile
there's no end to the depths
of our wells
i take off my mask
and what do you see
no, what do i see
that even i didn't know

so what do we do?

you tell your secret first
then i will tell mine

i hope it gives you a smile