Friday, March 19, 2010

55 whispering toes

what makes me fall
in love
i know it wasn't you
it was my toes
whispering to me
pulling me in an direction
i did not know
i would go
whatever you said after that
i was already on this path
of no turning back
not ever since
have i polished my nails bright red
these 55 words above are my entry for
i know i do not play by the rules
i always had this trouble

long time ago
this is what my new lover said
after that

your hiking boots are telling
a story of omnipresence
who we are and where we go
your toenails give away your thoughts
polished red, love bare feet
an obvious sign to the outside world
femininity warming at the wood stove
a frivolous smile softly attracts attention
do we have the right for intimate secrets
to cross the line without false shame
to smell paradisiac apple scent

i kiss your earlobe and whisper goodnight


  1. Your writing is exceptional. I enjoyed the 55 very much. For someone that seems to be more than a little exposed to the cold, you have great warmth in your writing:)

    My 55: My Invisibility

  2. Yesterday, i saw the first hawk of the season, and today you a buzzard! Thanks for flying by.

  3. nice on the hawk...there is a definite sensuality to your writing...nice. a bit late making the 55 rounds...hope you have a great weekend!

  4. your spirit, soft and open.

    i've a woodstove. i've a forest. i'm more clothed, but my face is to the trees, the sky, the wind. i understand. it is from within that i expose.


  5. thanks Erin, that is beautiful,
    woman exposing, whatever way, equally so.