Sunday, January 31, 2010


i hidei run

in the forest
through the snow
but the memory
of your hand
on my breast
you stroking my back
no forest deep enough
i can't run far enough
there is always me
i think of you
and can still
feel your touch

Friday, January 29, 2010

this love we feel

how our hearts dance and rejoice
from the warm fires within
for life and the love that feeds it
nothing can stop the flames, the heat, the fire
this morning I feel a little better
had the house to myself last nite
fresh tracks in the snow this am
as i walked to work at 7 15
my eyes can see the trail in the dark
I love to keep my night vision working
the stars were shining
the sky, mostly clear
the air is crisp and cold on my bare skin
I sang my prayers and greeted the earth
sun and moon, the trees
our friends that stand firm
and greet us on our way
down the trails
how lucky I am
to be able to walk to work each morning
thru the woods
peace and quiet greet me
I must keep that feeling in my heart

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bear bare

run if you can
i am going to speak
from now on
my own deepest truth
bare my self more totally
the wild animal me
as with bears
or bare women
i am more likely
be scared of you
it's me running
run and reveal
i hope
i don't get cold feet

Sunday, January 24, 2010

taking myself out of the picture

I like to write a poem
but can't come up with the words

here you see me
very deliberately
so what is this purpose
i know when i'm not posing
more in my natural state
i take myself out of the picture
and give myself away
so here you go
you can have me
my life is truly beautiful
when i don't get in the way
like giving up trying
to write this poem
i tell you it's all the keyboard
it wasn't me
i am just practicing
with poses
with poems

and being me

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

September 2009

sunlight dappling
kisses all over me
how sweet this memory
my skin light bronze
the touch of your lips
in a world pale gold
i was your queen
the bed we slept in
studded with pink sapphire
it's you that i desire....

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi there :)
At yesterdays post, the photos are almost a year old.
As Annie and i do not exactly live close together, i sometimes make pictures of myself (or my husband does:).
Yesterday i felt -driven- to make some new pictures to go with Annie's words.
Here they are!And yes, the joy of doing together, i miss that.
And yes, the snow is cold.
But really it's like with a sauna, when i am warm enough, there i go, it's a plunge and quickly i dress again and start walking.....feeling.... renewed, elated.

on my own
in the cold
the exhibitionism
my toes
nearly froze
now tingling with heat
really that's how i live my life
loving lavishly
and to be fortunate enough
to once in a while
feel the heat
to love and be loved extravagantly

Friday, January 15, 2010


how can u explain
the female spirit
what makes us
dance and sing
rejoice naked
my question is
how can we not
feel driven
to feel the wind
the sun, ice, cold
warm skin
our bodies

Monday, January 11, 2010

This picture was taken sometime in May/09, a warm day in early spring.

I bask in the hot sun rays, in the midst of dry thorn bushes.

Wild rose bushes.

Was that then or is it really now.

The roses will bloom again.

There and then i was able to lay among the thorns, in a barren land, snow not entirely gone, perfectly happy.

I was perfectly happy, i do remember that.

I remember i took off my glasses for the picture(vanity), i put them somewhere on the rock, i could not find them, and imagined going down the mountain half blind. The things one does for love.

I did find them :)

And maybe the roses are not blooming but the moss campion is.

And if you have ever smelled this pioneer Silene, you know life is good, very good.

Friday, January 8, 2010

home alone

what do you do?
when you are
home alone
i go into
my wonderland garden
looking for
winter animals
are you up there
in the tree?

come play with me.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

miss you

Annie Annie!

i call out your name

in Joy


i feel the heat of the horse back

galloping over frosty fields

Annie Annie!

i miss you

will you come back?

riding bareback

you are living your dream

blond locks flowing

so long ago

i still see his smile

this very moment

miracles coming true

eternity in the sound of stampede

blowing in the wind

dispersing wisps of steam

out of trembling nostrils

Saturday, January 2, 2010


half awake
of a dream within a dream
my body remembers
rose petals swirling down
losing their lightness
shake me awake
to write down
all that seems significant
i woke as my body
was moving
only now
i wonder
who was i having sex with?
all i know
that beyond these letters
behind the memory
of the dream
within a dream
somewhere sometime mmmmmmmmmm:)
we did make love, right?