Sunday, January 24, 2010

taking myself out of the picture

I like to write a poem
but can't come up with the words

here you see me
very deliberately
so what is this purpose
i know when i'm not posing
more in my natural state
i take myself out of the picture
and give myself away
so here you go
you can have me
my life is truly beautiful
when i don't get in the way
like giving up trying
to write this poem
i tell you it's all the keyboard
it wasn't me
i am just practicing
with poses
with poems

and being me


  1. Annie, i am trying to change, -post a comment-, it should be easier now :) Katrin

  2. Katrin, an intriguing set of chosen poses, a remarkable not-poem. I like it that you chose black and white.

  3. Your body swirls,swoons and sings to me
    the mystery of life,
    fluid and flowing
    the wonder, the beauty, the passion,
    and joy