Friday, January 8, 2010

home alone

what do you do?
when you are
home alone
i go into
my wonderland garden
looking for
winter animals
are you up there
in the tree?

come play with me.


  1. I am not quite sure in what space I was supposed to know you. But I think the pictures shoe that you all had a lot of fun, except maybe freezing your ass off.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, but I still scratch my head.
    Nevertheless, your nudes are strait forward, funny and enticing. How did you know that I appreciate free spirits?
    Keep up the fine gestures and stay in touch.
    Wanna see some nudes of me? Ah, you would fall of the chair :) Just kidding, but I DO have them...
    Cheers, take care.

  2. The black and white life
    of winter gives truth without
    the passion found in
    spring's return to us.

    I feel my life depart -
    subzero demand.

    I wrap myself up
    in your long limbs, feel your heart,
    make it through again.