Friday, January 29, 2010

this love we feel

how our hearts dance and rejoice
from the warm fires within
for life and the love that feeds it
nothing can stop the flames, the heat, the fire
this morning I feel a little better
had the house to myself last nite
fresh tracks in the snow this am
as i walked to work at 7 15
my eyes can see the trail in the dark
I love to keep my night vision working
the stars were shining
the sky, mostly clear
the air is crisp and cold on my bare skin
I sang my prayers and greeted the earth
sun and moon, the trees
our friends that stand firm
and greet us on our way
down the trails
how lucky I am
to be able to walk to work each morning
thru the woods
peace and quiet greet me
I must keep that feeling in my heart

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