Monday, June 28, 2010


In heaven, so they say,
one will be reunited with ones loved ones
i know its true
i was there today
The King living is in his castle of ice cold marble, the one tower, the hearth burning hot. The old King was always King from the beginning of time till the end of my days.
Where the Fairy Queen was once young. Born on the dark clay, howling and alone, just her mother and she coming too fast.
After my father and the doctor arrived they said; what is this with those big nostrils?
Still i was a princess those early years. It's been said. And i kind of remember it.
As i grew older and became aware of being me, i remember one time, happy with myself riding my bike;- why does nobody love me? -
And so i grew up.
Nevertheless loving playing dress-up, dolls, sand and climbing trees. And not until i was 17 i became confident in myself, and more popular you might call it. And so my late teenage years were wild and happy........

Sunday, June 27, 2010

a Fairy Tale

Long time ago in eternity in a land, within the crevices of my own heart, so vast and wide, the outer reaches from day till midnight, my breasts barely ripe, hanging in folds of soft skin, there once lived a King and i a Fairy Queen..........

to be continued.

(when i am as lighthearted, open and above all, brave as a fairy queen, it will be my own story, me katrin)

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Queen

here on-line
i show so much skin
but as the queen of my king
only my hand slides
form under the veil
reaches and waits
till he drops his jewels in
my lips touching this treasure
i receive as deep as i can
as a queen i'm adorned overflowingly
as a king his scepter reigns
read about a true queen at

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Solstice

morning coffee

what i value a lot
is Don making love to me as i wake up, mmmm
he bringing me my morning coffee
my old blanket, which i have had since i was a very young child
stepping out in the garden before breakfast
my hot porridge with wild berries (the tiny strawberries are ripe!)
is that we live like children
loving what we do most
doing what we love most
taking joy in little things
what i value most
i am a love child, born 1960
i live for love
when i toast i say 'op de liefde' for love

thanks Erin

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Something made me wonder..
Of course you can see here i am quite open, i even like exposing myself a bit :) obviously.
But actually more so, my feelings, what goes on inside my head, etc.
You ask me and i will tell you my deepest secrets.
Well that is as long as you are not related to me (haha, what a joke i am)
And as long as i don't name names when there is other people involved.

Any way what i am getting at
I, more of me than i want to reveal, might be all over Facebook for all i know.

What happened;
My computer broke down
(this is a 'new' old one) Anyway the beautiful person who gave me this one, took my old laptop and wants to tinker with it, to see if he can make it work properly again. He gave me my hard drive, so i have all my files, just in case, we did transfer a lot on to here.
Now, me always so trusting, had that hard drive stolen from my dashboard in the car, hmmmmm i wonder...
so if you see me on Facebook, let me know,
I am ready for the cold shower.
So just that i know that there will be more of me exposed than i would like.
( i do not post every picture here that is taken of me, in some i don't look nice enough to my own standard and some well i won't tell you....:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

solar plexus

the vaulted marble sky
the moss we step on
walking on clouds
the light through the trees
sun rays shrouded in black
a bird shrieks
yellow stars on the forest floor
can we make love amidst arnica?
how come i think i'm alive?
when heaven is here
gentle ever so gently
you are entering me

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


i took a little holiday
to lala land
it was so good
so very good
in a field of flowers
i lay down with you
bright red billowing in the breeze
menstrual flow and sexual power
i go home again
my poppies here in reality
they're orange
all emotion
lifting me up in the sky
cleansing as i cry
where i am dreaming
i lay amidst
the violet flowers
into Oneness i expand
and for the moment i do understand

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"tits on the vine"

it's sunny and warm
from before daybreak
till after nightfall

in between
i walk naked
he, coming home from work,
"what gorgeous things"
(his hands cup my breast)
"soft fruit"
"all they have to do is just hang there"
(his fingers stroke my nipples)
"they talk to me"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010