Saturday, June 19, 2010


Something made me wonder..
Of course you can see here i am quite open, i even like exposing myself a bit :) obviously.
But actually more so, my feelings, what goes on inside my head, etc.
You ask me and i will tell you my deepest secrets.
Well that is as long as you are not related to me (haha, what a joke i am)
And as long as i don't name names when there is other people involved.

Any way what i am getting at
I, more of me than i want to reveal, might be all over Facebook for all i know.

What happened;
My computer broke down
(this is a 'new' old one) Anyway the beautiful person who gave me this one, took my old laptop and wants to tinker with it, to see if he can make it work properly again. He gave me my hard drive, so i have all my files, just in case, we did transfer a lot on to here.
Now, me always so trusting, had that hard drive stolen from my dashboard in the car, hmmmmm i wonder...
so if you see me on Facebook, let me know,
I am ready for the cold shower.
So just that i know that there will be more of me exposed than i would like.
( i do not post every picture here that is taken of me, in some i don't look nice enough to my own standard and some well i won't tell you....:)


  1. ok, what do you value most in life? what do you eat for breakfast? and do you put your toes on the edge of the table and totter while you eat it?

    (i only drink coffee but do sit like a child. i value being open.)


  2. You have to smile though Joz, what a surprise this particular thief would have if they did anything other than the usual ... which is to power it up and format (erase everything). Most people are not all that interested in other people. I think this is particularly the case when it comes to thoughtless thieves. He/she has stolen this for their own purposes, it's unlikely to even occur to them to have a peek into your world.

    I like Erin questions, especially about using your toes to balance chair tottering. I do that.

    It is what I value about blogging, the chance to be open and to witness others doing the same.

    I feel cold just looking at this, hosepipe showering is for the brave! Brrrrrr xx Jos

  3. Thanks Erin, i'll make a post to answer your questions.
    Jos, you are right, once my husband found a camera, and we did look, because we wanted to know who's it was. A thief doesn't wanna know :) thanks.

  4. i do like this, could we possibly have a more open view ?! i am a nudist photographer and like to study at different angles so to say