Friday, June 18, 2010

solar plexus

the vaulted marble sky
the moss we step on
walking on clouds
the light through the trees
sun rays shrouded in black
a bird shrieks
yellow stars on the forest floor
can we make love amidst arnica?
how come i think i'm alive?
when heaven is here
gentle ever so gently
you are entering me


  1. Jeez...
    Do you ever live in Paradise!
    Your beautiful naturalness, and your beautiful words are a treasure to behold.
    Excellent 55...Katrin.
    I assume that it is you and not Annie that writes these. If I am wrong just set me straight OK.
    You both Rock for inviting me into your world, Thank you so much, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....Galen

  2. sounds like you got a little heaven on earth...nice breathes peace...

  3. nature is often, so much more, isn't it? i just walked out of work, 9pm. grey building. locked doors. fart fart. end to day. stomp it out. and then. and then i looked up, and there is a ridge, an escarpment really, that rides the horizon opposite where i work, and the sun was forced through some clouds, filtered through and intensified, and i just stopped there dribbling on my collar. it was so fricken beautiful. what a shame i spent the day in such a grey place. outside is always better.