Saturday, December 26, 2009

the beginning

when did this all start?
this photo May 19 2009.
of course it was way before that
somewhere deep in the valley
high on a mountain top

she walks naked

bare feet

the fresh buds of spring

swell with life

her nipples are hard

her lips swollen, moist and wet

trusting in nature

in valleys below

she greets them with pleasure

her heart bursting with wholeness

and love for the wild places

the wild places

she dares to go

May 27/2009
to a beautiful womyn,
Katrin, written in the sunshine of my heart

Thank you.....
for being you.
Thank you for sharing your light,

Thank you Annie :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

splitting wood

scantly dressed
a promise is a promise
i will split the wood
we will keep the fire going
in our heart

Friday, December 18, 2009

birthday present

no invitation
no gifts
sorry i could not resist :)
with love

dry sand

you the ocean i the sea
i find the water dried up around me
as a sea i can no longer be
does an ocean needs the sea
i dole around
in the dry sandy bottom
i look up at the sky
i remember how we leaped
out of the waves
only air and light
remembering this joyful play
i feel good in an odd way
but where's the ripples
carrying your words
where's our laughter
splashing of the surf
where's your moist embrace
we were one
i call out
i call out to you
there's only sand's reply
slipping through my fingers
i caress as if it's your skin
forming letters in the sand
the letters of your name
even if you did walk by
would you see
where are you
where are you
i lift some seaweed, shells and rocks
all i find is salty drops
stinging on my cheeks
on my parched skin

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bitter cold,
we hurry thru the snow
up hill,
stopping to catch our breath
the poplars, bent,
asleep in the cold,
laughing at us
as we shiver and climb
the hill
she's been to so many times,
at the top we rejoyce,
the sky is red and blue,and dark
the wind is cold
but we laugh
Katrin goes first
then me
the camera clicks
freezing frames in time
for us to see
and share

Saturday, December 12, 2009

a cry as old as the forest

yaaaa hooooo
i can no longer live
this way
the arrow deeply hurting me
running wild with the deer
my bounce as light as theirs
life a shining crystal
the colors of the rainbow
the wild it gives me all
the grass beside the pool so green
the silence of my soul
i am the wild wild woman
i crossed the white white water willingly
on the deep soft moss
i laid my head to rest
upon your chest
my fingers caressing your body
aaah yaaah oooh
my love for you so strong
the stones so slippery
i am the wild wild woman
will i ever know
how to live this way
aaaaaaah ooooh
will it ever be
true love finding me
here in the deep dark forest
along the sparkling stream

Thursday, December 10, 2009

certain rules

can i do?
what i'm not supposed to
like, loving freely
sharing that
can't be so bad
my puss' still wet
while my mother
lecturing my brother
about adultery
i like to bend
the rules a bit
today i state
to set things straight
one promise i have broken
today, i will stop smoken'

Monday, December 7, 2009

rushing for the sea

I am like that river
rushing for the sea
my love for you
nothing can stop me
the power that is generated
if you build a dam to hold that flow of love
even if frost freezes me
my love will melt it yet
someone might take me
to flush the toilet
or grow flowers
it doesn't matter
and if i evaporate
the wind will blow me back to sea
I hope i don't get caught
by giant mountains
i might end up in glacier
my love will grow
moving only inches in a year

but still
my heart will always reach you
we are one
playing in the waves
of the glorious sea

Friday, December 4, 2009


my blood
it flows
warm bright red
my heart
it bursts
hot deep dark purple
i long
i long for you
your strong hand
so tenderly caresses
in between my breasts
down my soft belly
deep you touch me
never have i been so happy
i close my eyes
i stretch my limbs
and lay with you
so still and endlessly
as my body shivers
i look out again
i look
but i don't see
you there
my hands they grope
where i feel your touch
your pillow is still warm
your kiss still on my lips
i scream
i scream
i feel myself falling
to the ground
red blood on white snow
my longing purple
laying on the side

Thursday, December 3, 2009

diving in

a dream

on a calm day

without thinking

i dive in

a river full of colors

chattering, sighs and laughs

i skim across the surface

avoiding rocks and logs and jumping fish

i know what happens

when i go in

i reach a bridge

and try to walk across

the wood disintegrates

there's nothing there

to hold me up