Monday, December 7, 2009

rushing for the sea

I am like that river
rushing for the sea
my love for you
nothing can stop me
the power that is generated
if you build a dam to hold that flow of love
even if frost freezes me
my love will melt it yet
someone might take me
to flush the toilet
or grow flowers
it doesn't matter
and if i evaporate
the wind will blow me back to sea
I hope i don't get caught
by giant mountains
i might end up in glacier
my love will grow
moving only inches in a year

but still
my heart will always reach you
we are one
playing in the waves
of the glorious sea


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  2. Oops, needed to change a word...

    In The Arctic Scene

    You have pushed me down
    asserting yourself with me
    though I told you no,
    not in this cold snow.
    You cover me with blankets
    then roll me over
    in them and slap me
    clean, finish bundling me up,
    a rolled up rug boy
    in the arctic scene
    wondering what you have in
    store for me this time.