Friday, December 18, 2009

dry sand

you the ocean i the sea
i find the water dried up around me
as a sea i can no longer be
does an ocean needs the sea
i dole around
in the dry sandy bottom
i look up at the sky
i remember how we leaped
out of the waves
only air and light
remembering this joyful play
i feel good in an odd way
but where's the ripples
carrying your words
where's our laughter
splashing of the surf
where's your moist embrace
we were one
i call out
i call out to you
there's only sand's reply
slipping through my fingers
i caress as if it's your skin
forming letters in the sand
the letters of your name
even if you did walk by
would you see
where are you
where are you
i lift some seaweed, shells and rocks
all i find is salty drops
stinging on my cheeks
on my parched skin


  1. I know this place...

    In The Stones And Sand

    The dry ache of things
    on this shore I walk, stumble
    over hidden stones
    beneath the drab sand
    looking for signs of life, you.

    No stone is unturned
    in this search of mine,
    no stone left to sit as is
    except those too big
    like the stone I have
    in my torn and sandy heart,
    in my arid soul.