Saturday, December 12, 2009

a cry as old as the forest

yaaaa hooooo
i can no longer live
this way
the arrow deeply hurting me
running wild with the deer
my bounce as light as theirs
life a shining crystal
the colors of the rainbow
the wild it gives me all
the grass beside the pool so green
the silence of my soul
i am the wild wild woman
i crossed the white white water willingly
on the deep soft moss
i laid my head to rest
upon your chest
my fingers caressing your body
aaah yaaah oooh
my love for you so strong
the stones so slippery
i am the wild wild woman
will i ever know
how to live this way
aaaaaaah ooooh
will it ever be
true love finding me
here in the deep dark forest
along the sparkling stream

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