Saturday, October 29, 2011



my dark master
it's been a month since i heard his voice
i feared for all that's negative

again he made me do it
give up on him so totally
on us together ever

knowing there is nothing there,
i reach out one more time
he is gone for good
i dial his number

it rings at least 6 times

his voice
i can't believe my ears

dark as ever
black rock texas

he is there
he talks to me
right now and here

i can't hear what he is saying
he tells me everything
but i can't make sentences form
mostly incomprehensive words

he didn't call me, baby
at least i did not hear
he says, phone back tomorrow
the connection will be better

no! don't hang up on me
not now
i am in seventh heaven
happy just to hear you breath

he lets me
and i do listen

for quite a while

till i know, that all still stands
our love is meant to last for ever

i can only be white light
when he is my dark lord