Friday, December 4, 2009


my blood
it flows
warm bright red
my heart
it bursts
hot deep dark purple
i long
i long for you
your strong hand
so tenderly caresses
in between my breasts
down my soft belly
deep you touch me
never have i been so happy
i close my eyes
i stretch my limbs
and lay with you
so still and endlessly
as my body shivers
i look out again
i look
but i don't see
you there
my hands they grope
where i feel your touch
your pillow is still warm
your kiss still on my lips
i scream
i scream
i feel myself falling
to the ground
red blood on white snow
my longing purple
laying on the side

1 comment:

  1. In My Empty Bed

    Coming out of woods
    to the far edge of the world
    I have your welcome
    and your blood warm dream.

    I wake then, my empty bed -
    sleeping on the couch
    chased by my old pain,
    will I have your love again?

    Your scent clings to me
    and you as you stand
    at the far edge of the world
    I keep safe with me.