Monday, June 28, 2010


In heaven, so they say,
one will be reunited with ones loved ones
i know its true
i was there today
The King living is in his castle of ice cold marble, the one tower, the hearth burning hot. The old King was always King from the beginning of time till the end of my days.
Where the Fairy Queen was once young. Born on the dark clay, howling and alone, just her mother and she coming too fast.
After my father and the doctor arrived they said; what is this with those big nostrils?
Still i was a princess those early years. It's been said. And i kind of remember it.
As i grew older and became aware of being me, i remember one time, happy with myself riding my bike;- why does nobody love me? -
And so i grew up.
Nevertheless loving playing dress-up, dolls, sand and climbing trees. And not until i was 17 i became confident in myself, and more popular you might call it. And so my late teenage years were wild and happy........


  1. I bet you don't ask that question now, you know you are quite loved. Nice to see you girls out and about...G