Thursday, July 1, 2010

Caballo Simone

she was born like a galloping horse
too eager to live no time to listen

her mother Matilde an angel descended,
giving birth to many kids
she was born from a long line of angels in heaven
Adriana, Neeltje,Maria the mountain, Maria the End,
Countess Maria, Maria the Marker, Aaltje Cornelis, Judith Simone and Annetje....

her father's father, Emperor the Jolly most Gentle
one of his sons a knight, slaying dragons and rescuing ladies of love, 't was her father

for now we call this new child, Caballo Simone
an angel to her mother
a princes to her grandpa, he whispered "i see you" and his eyes told her of love. he died very young
and her father he loved her, and told her his stories, till soon he too left the garden, drawn by dragons and labor of love.

All true :) These are all my mothers (thanks to my sister's research). My grandpa called me sientje pronounced seen-tje, and i had a special place in his heart. He died when i was 5. My father well he did tell me stories, and gave me much much more in those early years, but well he was slain a knight by the queen. To become a knight you have to do something very special for your country, which in his case meant he was not there for me or really that is how i experienced it.

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