Sunday, July 18, 2010

happily ever after

or a shadow carved in her skin
every morning now, the queen enters the garden, baths in the spring, the fairies dress her with flower petals and spiderwebs. a ruby-crowned kinglet perches her shoulder. every morning she goes back in the castle and lifts the veil of the bird cage. She gently carries it out gently and hangs it up on the limb of a cherry tree. the bird inside is singing as soon as the fragrance of the garden washes over him, the fairies play around his cage, the spray of the spring refreshes his face. every morning the queen unlocks the little latch and opens the cage.

till the end of days

from dawn till eternity all over this vast and wide land his beautiful songs are heard. a sweet melody tinkling far of in the crevices of my heart


  1. That first shot is especially beautiful. I always find it more intriguing to have just that much less revealed. It suggests, stay, and learn.

    Crevices of your heart...a sweet sweet piece of writing, Joz.


  2. Thanks Erin, it suggest stay and learn, i can see that now to, i like that.
    I would love to have more pictures with less, but as you see it is cropped. I 'm looking for a photographer :)
    Annie! when you read this, where are you?

  3. Hi Annie is here