Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bear body

My body will be hanging on someones wall in the States.
I am so happy about that, haha.
I feel as happy as when i was in love, you know, that time last year, that i didn't really tell you much about.
Of course here in the Internet my body does appear in your living room, i realize that.
So maybe it is because now someone payed for.
Well that is not really it either, although i can imagine that some women are very happy, when they get payed for their body.
And actually it's not the first time i get payed in this way.
It's just that, it is the first time one of my bigger paintings sold. The day i met this bear, i laid down in the grass, to use myself as the model, for the painting i envisioned.

It is always very thrilling to see a bear.
Today to have my art sold from an actual gallery, by people i never met, that also gives me a thrill!
Maybe it's just a little thing, but for me it's big,
~Big as a Bear~
an encounter
filled with delight


  1. jozien, you had me, of course. and then when i understood, i was so very happy for you.

    you dole us out these morsels of you, causing us to wait to get the full picture. you are very clever. and isn't it ironic, as you show us, SHOW US, so openly, while these pieces of you, like the artist, are a little more protected.

    Beautiful painting. Congratulations.


  2. Hugging The Bear

    Hugging the black bear
    is not recommended in
    the campers' guide books.
    You need to get God's
    own drunk to do something like
    hugging the black bear.

    If you hug the bear
    you will end up smelling like
    bear sweat (do bears sweat?)
    and maybe thinking
    you should eat huckleberries
    and salmon, raise cubs.