Saturday, July 3, 2010

voor jou

omdat ik van je houcan i love deeply within

i want so much to turn my back on you

it's way to long ago,

my heart my body they scream "NO"

i am already free

can i live fully

loving you


  1. I do believe you can live fully. I do believe you are.

    And as you release yourself here
    I would love
    to understand
    to learn from you
    to read more of this
    - your organic mind,
    where it goes,
    how it twists.
    If it were a cat
    how would it enter a room?
    What has the journey been of your spirit
    to arrive here
    with open arms?


  2. Thank Erin, you always give me food for thought(posts).
    As a cat, i would know... writing this posts was rather difficult, as i am not a cat that can see in the dark. What happened, i wanted it to be in white, but in my draft, white doesn't show, and as i do not pre write my posts, i always just fling it, i could not see where my thoughts were taking me. and could not make any corrections as i couldn't see any mistakes, white on white.

  3. and so i learn a great deal of you by this
    writing blindly
    white on white.

    i am patient. (ha! i laugh at this, as i am not really.)

    i laugh to think of you as cat on the new deck.