Sunday, July 11, 2010


Caballo turns into a strong beautiful horse, without knowing it. As a child she plays among others, alone in the garden. One day a cousin appears, Gerda who has always been there, now takes Caballo under her wing. Takes her up in her group of friends. They play and tell secrets of love and attraction. Wildly they gallop out of the garden into the fields. With the speed of a run away train. The four of them, way out there, discover that there's too many places for fun. Each chooses a direction of the wind, to return to the centre to give each other report. Caballo reaches a slight raise in the flat land, and plays with young stallions, that she doesn't know till this day.
In a moment of clarity; i will always remember sitting there all by myself, feeling loved by friends, life giving so much. I knew then and there; i would never feel lonely, because here i am sitting by myself, everything new, among strangers, ~i know i am always loved~. and still i hardly ever feel lonely.
The four of them together happily return to the garden to sleep.

the photo taken when i was 15 on one of those adventures with those friends.


  1. my god, look at that smile! so much love. no wonder the smile.

    love how you wrote this, Joz. hope you're in the garden even now.


  2. I too am very pleased with your story. It is a blessing in my life that you have appeared.

  3. yes erin, in the garden even now :) you too?
    And Christopher, same for me, thanks love.