Sunday, July 4, 2010

building a deck

My husband and i we work best together when in the nude.

What is that? That we work better together without clothes, really. These pictures show that i can work a drill, and i can and i will, but not with him around. And there he is, you can clearly see that he is hammering air, but it is all just for this picture. He is the one building the deck, not me.
I being a cat, actually just came by the try out the new space and got up on the barely standing deck to sit in the sun, and watch him work. Of course he stopped, he doesn't like being watched when he works. And the deck, actually he didn't build it, he is just putting it up. The deck believe it or not, we found it at the dump, and we just happened to have these sliding doors at the back of the house and my husband had never got around to build the steps into the garden.
Suddenly there it is, and the view a surprise too, maybe i show you next time.

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