Monday, July 19, 2010


everything is different
today i read and play:)
I watch your hand
which made me scream and beg
that hand
that goddarn gorgeous hand
today is different
:) you know what
it almost feels the same
how i cried for you
that deep despair
now that i stopped smoking
i scream in agony for that first puff of the day
but here i am
i do not lift my hand to reach that cigarette
i play instead :)
if you only knew
the fuddle that i am
Oh, you knew?
i guess i show you everyday


  1. Reminders Of Your Shape

    Yes, you shower me
    with reminders of your shape
    and color, and clear
    from here I can get
    the whiff of your clean perfume,
    fresh from the river,
    fresh from the garden,
    and me all bear like, covered
    with dark furry hope.

  2. That's beautiful sweetheart. I love bear hugs