Tuesday, July 6, 2010

so now you know

but do i?
i realize here now
i could not even say the word
i DID NOT have an affair
it was definitely not adultery
all i will say
-he is my truelove-
it's just
he happens to be married
and so am i
i like the word fornication
does that apply?


  1. here is me romanticizing, I like to leave out the word fornication, as these things are larger than sex, aren't they? there are more complicated things in the world than i do. I do not believe that I live as liberally as you, but then no two people live the same, no matter how they fool themselves. and so I see your hurt heart. there is most likely one other hurt heart. i don't like this business of hurting.

    wishing you well.

  2. Dear Jozien,

    A feast. Love. True Love. Fornication. Hurt. Tears. Love. Affair? Who knows -- all words... I even like the word f*ck sometimes... and the word "touch" and "soul". But they are all just words words words. You know in your heart everything. All that you feel and have felt. And hurt is hurt without words and love is love.

    I come here Jozien because in you, I see me as well. And in you, I see hope and life and joy -- every post you make in the hurt I see joy. How is that? And I love the way you are.

    I think too many words sometimes...

    Cry and laugh. Rejoice that you have your pain. Curse it and rejoice in it... lie down in the woods and weep... splash in the water and laugh...

    All of that.

    You are an amazing woman.

  3. Me too, like Liz says, you are an amazing woman.

  4. Thank you all :) I love you
    (without expectations:)
    I know Erin...
    and Liz indeed, when i lay down in the woods and cry, Joy is always close by.
    And Love is love, my tears can not flush that away. :)

  5. Oh, what Liz wrote, so rich and true.