Thursday, July 22, 2010

smoke screen

I would just love a smoke right now
to avoid temptation
i will throw up a smoke screen
in my head
I will do some regression therapy
and fantasize about my lover
long long ago, but memories
sweet like honey on my lips
my lips my lips they long to suck
that.... :)
It's all so funny really
how my smoking coincided with falling in love
and really had nothing to do with it
just a feeling of Euphoria
i could now do anything
and what befell on me?
cigarettes and lovers
talking smoke screens
we had the perfect alibi
smoke just hang around that day
(one day, when everyone involved has overcome
and all is long forgotten
i do like to tell the truth in details
sweet sweet secret memories
i can go without a cigarette
but not without my memories)
I know this maybe ain't the place to blabber anything
but you the reader might already have lost interest anyway
so i will carry on
it's just for some excitement
trying to deal with the withdrawal
what i will say; we did fall in love
(as i always say, he in lust
he would never call it love
well he did, he had a few slips fall of his sweet lips
he did promise me the rosegarden ,strawberry fields forever and my place in heaven but lets not dwell on that, i overcame that)
now i just want to tell how we did fall in love
yes, over the Internet :) why not?
somehow the Universe conspired, and without us planning
we met
we, he and i
love the story of it all
how it had to be
how we could not
maybe this lover thing while married, maybe it is no good, maybe maybe maybe
it was all in Love!
no lungs were tarred
just breathing deeply
air with angel music
a whiff of salt
sweet sweet fragrances
can i? here now
still smell your body......
oh yazzzzzz i can :) :) :)
i tell you the Universe conspired
the alibi abominable
no i will not tell
not yet
would you, the reader who's still reading this, tell?
would you feel proud of something that was just...
my only excuse
it was Love
and Love.....
sweet words soft kisses endless touching on and on and on
nothing nothing nothing can be wrong with that


  1. I don't quite tell, J. I don't quite tell.

    But I understand
    in many many ways
    and yet, in others I do not
    as no one of us can
    completely understand the other
    but I do come
    to hear your whisperings.


  2. :) thank you to come listen to my whispers.
    I wonder what it is you do not understand.
    Not that i write this to be understood. And as it is i am quite chaotic.

  3. jozien, i laugh. i barely understand myself, never mind any other, although i strive to.