Monday, June 21, 2010

morning coffee

what i value a lot
is Don making love to me as i wake up, mmmm
he bringing me my morning coffee
my old blanket, which i have had since i was a very young child
stepping out in the garden before breakfast
my hot porridge with wild berries (the tiny strawberries are ripe!)
is that we live like children
loving what we do most
doing what we love most
taking joy in little things
what i value most
i am a love child, born 1960
i live for love
when i toast i say 'op de liefde' for love

thanks Erin


  1. There was no table involved whatsoever? Ha! How do you tip your chairs?

    And very practically I want to say, how are you able to live like this? Did you serve your time and earn your penny? Or do you still earn now - enough, just enough?

    I earn just enough, but there is not nearly enough time for... coffee~


  2. My chairs are not sturdy enough to tip :)
    And that's it, i make little money, and spend even less. Erin, i could do a whole post on that too. But actually you do see that what i wear is for free, and i don't spend any time shopping for it (the necklace a trade for a painting)

  3. I would suck ur pussy and you suck my dick, deal?