Monday, January 11, 2010

This picture was taken sometime in May/09, a warm day in early spring.

I bask in the hot sun rays, in the midst of dry thorn bushes.

Wild rose bushes.

Was that then or is it really now.

The roses will bloom again.

There and then i was able to lay among the thorns, in a barren land, snow not entirely gone, perfectly happy.

I was perfectly happy, i do remember that.

I remember i took off my glasses for the picture(vanity), i put them somewhere on the rock, i could not find them, and imagined going down the mountain half blind. The things one does for love.

I did find them :)

And maybe the roses are not blooming but the moss campion is.

And if you have ever smelled this pioneer Silene, you know life is good, very good.

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  1. Hmmm, I am still scratching my head, I guess my brain is dis-functional, a bit at least. Where did we meet? Sunbridge College? Oh well, you clue me in!