Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi there :)
At yesterdays post, the photos are almost a year old.
As Annie and i do not exactly live close together, i sometimes make pictures of myself (or my husband does:).
Yesterday i felt -driven- to make some new pictures to go with Annie's words.
Here they are!And yes, the joy of doing together, i miss that.
And yes, the snow is cold.
But really it's like with a sauna, when i am warm enough, there i go, it's a plunge and quickly i dress again and start walking.....feeling.... renewed, elated.

on my own
in the cold
the exhibitionism
my toes
nearly froze
now tingling with heat
really that's how i live my life
loving lavishly
and to be fortunate enough
to once in a while
feel the heat
to love and be loved extravagantly


  1. I love these. I especially love the first, how you lean with the trees.

    In the Wind

    I wrote you some lines
    so long ago I forget
    when, before we met...
    but I know they are
    your lines because they slanted
    in the wind like you,
    and the wind took them
    like it takes your tangled curls
    on this frigid day.

  2. Thanks love :)
    I love what you write