Monday, March 15, 2010

come dance with us

Hi! whoever reads this
Oh happy day, i am
making pancakes
dancing in the nude
my husband coming in from outside
touching my warm breast with cold hands
And i am going up the mountain today
i will also study for a course
maybe even paint
so many things
so many things
laundry to do

I do have another blog
keeper of wild places
i did that for many months
without comments
i didn't even know there was such thing :)
i am eager for response
too eager?
i wonder
back then i believed
doing what i was doing
was what counted
loving loving
my wild places

what i found also
was wild places
in my self
that's what i want to share here
more than share
i want to have dialogue
what is your passion?
what are your fears?
please help me out
i feel i am ready

Maybe you are shocked by
our nakedness
like a friend says
'katrin who needs that'

All we want is celebrate, and i do (a party on your own is great:)and we do , we two, more laughter and joy, we want to invite more. come to our party if you know what i mean.

ask me about it, for goodness sake say something, even if it is, that you don't want to come. but rather what you would like for this coming together. When you don't have this need, don't worry. but know that i do.

Oh happy day! take my hand and lead me the way.


  1. you're gorgeous. i don't mean your body, although that too, but your spirit.


  2. Oh hi there Erin, thank you so much!