Saturday, March 13, 2010

radiant you

So i found these photo's this week taken in May 2009...

Did i tell you how this celebrating our bodies, laughing and dancing in the snow started?
Yes, it was a man who brought it about.
The golden mom in me
A mom, one of us a grandma

How do i see myself, how did i see myself?

I am no great beauty, no let me take that back,
I am a great beauty :) but i laugh saying that, as i don't see myself that way

So this man, he asked me when we first met; what do you think about yourself? all on the Internet. He hinted on the bodily aspects. So i said what i like about myself and what i don't.
No risk taken being honest(so i thought:) i was not looking for him to like me, i am a married woman. He was just a man on the Internet, and i trusted him because..... secret information.

And i looked up to him thinking he has the answers for a more liberated life!

And so it did! It is liberating me! and us Annie and me.
Not quite in the way i thought :) to be continued....

And through this opening up, i am learning a lot from other women and men.
The essence; when we expose ourselves, fears and all
the result is always JOY
great joy
deliciously ravishing erupting Love
as i realize being naked in all ways i am very much the same as you, each of us in our own uniqueness.

Teach me more..... i'm loving it
we need each other to become One

There i sit upon my rock, shining in your radiance, and i say THANK YOU

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