Sunday, November 29, 2009

standing tall

i was with this man
he asked me
are you fast?
in putting on
your clothes again
someone could be coming
wrong question love
it's not about
covering up
our bodies
what's most beautiful
what counts
is stripping naked

how fast are you?
now, this very moment
to stand tall
in your birthday suit


  1. I am a little slow these days,
    so are hippos. So are lizards
    lazing in the sun. You come close.
    I cock an eye out, give a stare,
    a reptilian eye on you,
    ruff up a little. Don't push me.
    This is my sun, my rock.

  2. i do feel your reptilian stare
    it makes me very much aware....:)

  3. Reptilian Mood

    Behold! I intend
    a shiver here and there, cold
    stare, cold yellow stare
    sizing you up, down
    in the clear cool light of noon
    in northern winter,
    my sunny rock, my
    wall, beneath my slow scaled chest
    and my hissing breath.