Sunday, August 1, 2010

dark purple

There she sits
the mountain queenthere she sits
all calm
and at ease
at this height
but now listen
her heartbeat
the mountain roars
the air full of smoke
rocks shudder
'cause deep deep down
she is
full of pretense
so scared
i know you knew
but did she?


  1. Now this sounds familiar! Sometimes I believe I am very strong, powerful even. And then I am surprised by my vulnerable side on which everything else rests.

    Do the days grow longer where you are? Is this a good thing? Do you look forward to the coming weather, or do you did deep into the now?


  2. Hi Erin. yes sadly so:)'on which everything rests'.
    The days grow shorter now, we turned the lights on yesterday in the morning.
    For the weather; when i am good(now) i dig:) deep in the now, love every kind of weather that i am in. more than that actually, i am the weather, the weather is me.

  3. An Arrogant Man

    I am the weather
    here. You shall wear your slickers
    when I choose to rain.

    If you resist me
    I shall thunder and throw hail
    down your robe, your shoes,
    and you will bruise deep
    all the way inside. I am
    nothing without you.