Sunday, August 7, 2011

colors in the night

i am the rain that dances by your window
i smell your smells and see soft lighting
through the windowpane
sparkling on to me outside
i see your movements;
how you push your chair back
and get up to get something
i long for a home like that
but i am the rain!
and pelt away
i am born from clouds
and with the sun
i'll send you rainbows
imagined touch
the colors they are real

1 comment:

  1. Old Wood

    I am the old wood
    receiving you as the rain
    in all its aspects,
    as mist, as the splash
    or the roar of a tempest,
    with the black of night
    or the sun peeking
    and the arc doubled sometimes,
    receiving your moods
    and the feel of you
    whether you are cold or warm
    and you strip me down.