Saturday, March 24, 2012

ice floe

and the water flows and swirls of ice and snow, how can i find peace if i am that, is their truth in who i am,? swirls of opinions, it dazzles me that you think you know best, but i am not you and you ain't me. imagine stopping talking, just to be, why is it so scary to become a layer in the ice, my opinion; that when there is a genius, there is a lot of pain. i never feel quite grounded, i guess there is a lot of water underneath my feet. water always flowing, seven months of frost and still that mountain gives. never will i stop the flow. floating in my life, not knowing if this is it. no i am not thoroughly content, moments of the some glory, just for fleeting moments i can lay and rest. and you beside me in pink panties and your hand will stroke me gently. and you, you can't be truly mine, because the circle it keeps turning, what i would own it would be just exposed in layers, it's the glory of the water which makes it shine.

what i try to say, it seems that when you live your life as fully as you can (we all do), you'r bound to be hurt. i watched a most beautiful movie yesterday 'Tetro'. and even if their life was incredible compared to mine, i think life is just like that, if you just calmly could accept that you are married to a genius ( we all are, we all have this particular life, unique in it's own way), and stay as calm as that woman in the movie, then all would be good, yet it showed us , that it is not, it never is, yet it's glorious.

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