Sunday, February 21, 2010

freezing my toes

i am
chirping away like a chickadee

hopping around on one foot
we are
drinking bad coffee
just to warm up
anything will do
it is so good to see you
in white
in the wood
feeling your hand
in the small of my back
flinging my arms
around you
how can i


  1. First of all, I admit, I like "naked". But really, it is great pleasure to see Peeps having good, clean, honest fun, in the most beautiful scenic venues...

    But ain't it cccold? Ohhhhh!

    (I got here by way of Sweeter Poetry--Dulce!)

  2. thanks Steve, nice to meet you.
    we like 'naked' too and yes! it is cold :) but we love it for all the heat it generates.