Monday, April 26, 2010

i love

walking on the ridge with you
even if our hands don't fit
i love you fumbling with the condom
when i don't have to take responsibility
i love your skin
smooth as warm marble heated by the sun, underneath your body hair
your rough hands cupping my soft breast
my nipple in between your hot, from morning coffee, lips
i love
i love so many things
and wonder if i will fly again
above this river
that always kept flowing
hidden by the ice
spring is here
will you touch me
once again?


  1. i love this picture, your hands and your eyes directed to the river.
    with the words combined it is a beautiful piece.

  2. hi Robert :), i added you to our 'beauties'.

  3. This moment, "smooth as warm marble heated by the sun". I know this moment. It is sweet sweet.

    I have a question for you - just art related. Would you email me? I am at

    Have a beautiful day~