Thursday, April 29, 2010

stuck gramophone

when i don't know a thing
when i' m a stuck gramophone
and no one knows anymore what that is
there's no picture of me
to show who i am
when i am surrounded by beautiful people
but i just want to go home
on my doorstep a package
no note attached not even a name
was it you?
are dreams trying to come true
my light's on but no body's home
the phone's ringing
a well-meaning friend
but i wish it was someone else
when i am like that
things are not bad
i am so very soft
filled with this love
that replays in my head
it flows from my heart
to my limbs
that grow week
my ears forgot how to hear
and my eyes close when i sleep
please forgive me
when i'm like that


  1. But aren't we all sometimes like that? xx

  2. yeh, probably. But i do think you and i swim similar rivers