Monday, May 2, 2011

because people do still read me here, thanks

the snow,
soft patches here and there
left over from a world all white
the hill now bare
purple crocuses

blooming out of nowhere
the weather mild today

suddenly and short
hail falls from the sky
the grouse are drumming
the birds are singing
and i ?
i slowly do undress
carefully put my feet
into the icy water
the glory of such moment
to do the things
you would not do
if that white had purpose in it self
the purple just to brighten up the hill
if hail can't fall so softly
the birds will always sing !
as long as we will do our thing !


  1. Beautiful, and I am glad to hear of spring, up there in the wilderness.
    Hey, you deserve readers, you are unique and truly amazing. Peace

  2. living as our authentic selves:)

    this is why i like you. this is why i hear your voice.


  3. me too...happy that you are finding your way and missing you here.

  4. From your heart... so beautiful