Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nobody home

What do you do
when no one's home
when you're naked
your collared and you try to quit smoking

you take a lover

and once a week

you order two days of bliss

let me tell you about last week's

At 5 am i get up
6 am i drive to town
7 am i sit with my most wonderful women's group in quiet meditation
8.30 3 hours of money making, a job
i drop of recycling, run an odd errand and make some changes to a certain document
noon drive out to Carcross to meet an old friend
again all sorts of errands, hers, and we get to eat ice cream and chat on the beach
2 pm drive in blue skies and white snow over the mountain pass
3 pm we make love
4 pm we sail out of the harbor into the blue
5 pm under sail we make love
6 pm eating out; chai
7 pm a drive around to decide were we take pictures for this photo shoot
8 pm the order forgotten the feelings not; we make love, we play in the wood heated cedar hot tub, we dance and we laugh, was there red wine?, and yes he does tie me up, where i hang from the ceiling in bliss :)
and at some point we sleep
we sleep tightly entangled all night
when he wakes for a bit he kisses me
when i wake up for a bit i wonder how we can actually sleep pressed into each other so tight
6 am we make love and we rise
7 am photo shoot (note the bags under my eyes :)
8 am more of the same, the thing we love most
9 am i have to drive off
back to my town where i do work for 5 hours today
groceries and gas
ahhh and at 6 pm i get to go home.....
i fall in my bed,
and i am home.....
it's all part of my life that i love