Tuesday, January 24, 2012

just an ordinary day

and i want to write this whole story, this story of today, this story of how we do laugh, how i was cold all day and lovers warmed me and my one love rubbed me vigorously and how i got lost in a white world. White sky, fine snow, even the tiniest branch white. How the cold stung my cheeks and i wandered of the path and the snow got deeper and deeper and soon i was a hundred miles from anything i knew. And the trees changed and shaped into forms with faces and how i kept on walking.... This is Rob's story, he told it today and i said ; Rob! you are a storyteller and he said; you know sometimes i don't even know how to spell my name anymore, and i laughed, i said you know Rob, i have never told a soul, but i never know how to spell my name, i always have to think, sometimes i look it up in my passport to make sure. And we laughed,and laughed and i wrestled him down. He is my husband, I am the domme and he is the sub. He doesn't know. It's all against the rules of bdsm, which is consensual consent. And i sit on his face and he eats me. We laugh harder, and of course he is stronger and wrestles me down. Consent with Rob doesn't work, he always says, no, we wouldn't even have made it as far as anal sex. Which we now like a lot, or my magic wand which was a gift from extramarital lover of mine. How i like that word, not as bad as cheating. What do you do when your husband always says no? So i fool around with other men, and he says , no. But the other day, i got a new job for one morning a week, a proper job, a normal job, not in the deep snow of the wild woods. And he was mad, how could i do such thing. You think i was admitting i had an affair, that's how upset he was. It turns out to be a nice job, and he is okay with it now. It was 4 pm when i went for my walk in the woods. I had to go out, i had been cold all day and knew i had to get out. And to have affairs ain't easy you know. In my life before loving lovers, i never thought much about affairs, it wasn't something i despised, but also not something i would ever do. And like positive thinking it doesn't really make life easier. oh i guess nobody ever said that, but it is not that i walked off the path on purpose. It was all white, the path, the stones, the forest floor. These glorious giant poplars, all white. But I know Darren when he phones , he phones me around 4 pm. When he is home from work and his wife is not home yet. You know i can't even picture his face very well, it's other body parts that are engraved in my mind. That i can still taste and his cum, i could still feel his cum in my mouth when i went to work after, a normal job, the people there think i am normal, i think they are normal. It makes me wonder what color their world is? How gloriously lost they are?

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  1. katrin, how i love this piece. how you it is! how fluid and gorgeous and right and organic and beyond right and wrong, for right and wrong do not really exist, do they? just ask the trees.

    jesusgod, this gives me shivers, "the people there think i am normal, i think they are normal. It makes me wonder what color their world is? How gloriously lost they are?"