Friday, February 3, 2012

labrador tea blossoms

image taken from the web

I wrote this at the writing club last week on a prompt labrador tea.

Clair and i went for dinner today, she doesn't agree with my new lifestyle. Not many do.That's okay, but i still like to bring it out in the open, maybe make it more accepted, maybe..
I always ensure my friends; you don't have to like what i do, or i say; i am not trying to convince you of anything, it's just me. What did i write lately? It's like positive thinking,which works for me, but doesn't really make my life easier. Or remember, i used to say; don't believe me , i lie. Well really all that stuff, we want to teach our kids about critical thinking.

I love my new lifestyle and i do love it when i meet kindred spirits. Claire, i dearly love her, is not one of them. She would kick her husband out, take him to court, strip him clean if he even suggested having a girlfriend on the side. So i don't push the subject with her. Sorry folks here i do, because this just happens to be my safe place to write this kind of stuff.

But Claire and i we do talk relationships, don't we all. So what did she say when i got up to leave?
Or did i say something, as i always feel the need to share. Shit, i love to brag about my boy friends, Yes, i am that kind of girl too. Anyway she said; " well do you have someone now"(meaning an affair)
"Well i did have sex with someone lately"
" Here? Here in Whitehorse"
" Yes Clair"
" A Whitehorse man!?"
Now Clair was all ears, And how i love an eager audience.
" Claire, i can't tell, it's secret, his wife is not to know, bla bla bla"
But her so eager, and i even more, i slipped some vague details:
You might know him
He is wonderfully young
And quite handsome
She asked: "please please please tell me
I am actually proud i was able to keep a secret, not my strongest
" pleeeeese..... in ten years than?"
I promised. I will tell her in ten years.

I don't know if even you guys get this, It's my wonderful life, it's what makes me blossom.
Like the blossom of Labrador Tea. It's not very well known. It is white and i am sure you Yukoners, know it's beauty and it's lovely exotic fragrance.

the end

And i met him again, and now i looked in his eyes, they are the same color as mine.


  1. It makes me wonder where your desire comes from and what complement of person, place and creativity will complete you.

    Like a Labrador Tea blossom, ephemeral relationships are so intense- somewhat like a brilliant star which may burn out very quickly.

    Its a compelling lifestyle and I can imagine the concern and envy expressed by your friend.

  2. PS

    Do you need to be saved?

  3. smiling i wonder, do i need to be saved? Maybe, maybe not.
    Actually it scares me, what if i be saved from myself, who would i be? I like me.