Thursday, February 16, 2012


and i work slow
and no one knows
as if i am under some sort of spell
and this is not a plea for free love
this is no excuse for cheating
never will i say, you should try it too;
it's fun
or as i like to think
maybe i will write a book;
to be your own
supreme slut

and i do my work meticulously slow
and no one knows
my job has never felt so glorious
just because my hair is sticky with his cum
who is this man i do not know
for three days previous
i felt elated
so listen here
because i do not really understand

and i do my work oh so slow
and no one knows
as a child i loved my papa and my opa
growing older, i loved potential husbands
with no intend of marriage
then i loved my husband
just because it's so
and true love let me tell you
is an amazing thing
blessed the ones who know it
but this loving just for loving...

and i do my work so slow
and no one knows
finally i saw his eyes
just a glimpse when i looked up at him
how can i say
this man i sought
not for anything sincere
the surprise of sweet blue eyes
the sweetest ones i ever saw
the glory of just loving for no other reason than
to be

and the work?
all they know
how well it's done


  1. A relationship therapist!February 18, 2012 at 12:21 AM

    Energy from an ephemeral fling cannot compare to the intimacy found within a long term relationship.

    What is love and what are you really longing for?

    A cougar now but perhaps a vulture in a few years- you may attract the prey but not have the strength to go for the kill, whats left then, scavaging something thats moribund.

    Why not look closely for the etiology of your need for lust and sexual energy.

    The answer may surprise both you and me.

    A relationship therapist who in the flash of the moment is too honest!

  2. thanks christopher, always.
    and you relationship therapist, i smile upon you :) i swear i saw cougar tracks yesterday! Smack in between your house and mine for that matter.

  3. Brilliant response

    If our paths cross
    Lets look for faint and delicate cougar prints
    And perhaps follow them to see where its trail leads us