Tuesday, September 21, 2010

... in the woods

hi there everyone, how are you?.... i indeed have storms in my head. you (myheartupsidedown i named you) say; i have to learn to deal with them, quiet them, stillness between my ears. Maybe this is one way; to write about it here.
Today i will let the storm roar, spilling some of it out. All in a ramble as it blows. Then after the wind dies down, i will take the things one by one, pick them and look at them. And most of all i want to learn, hear your comments, see what you think, hear what you feel, to feel what you know.
Actually i am quite calm, these days. Today like yesterday just very tired, and sweetly sad, not deeply.
First; Annie doesn't want to be part of this blog anymore, whatever her reasons (that's up to her to let you know or not:) I love her big time, it is all good, it's not that.
And First of all (coming second here) i want to know about orgasms. I want to hear sooooo many stories. And i wonder if it will happen here on-line (not an orgasm, the talking about it:)
I found in talking to girlfriends, it's amazing how we love to talk about it. As in before i started this blog, how whenever i proposed to get undressed and take photos in the woods of our bodies, it was all laughter and joy. I don't know, i must be blessed with amazing girlfriends. Or are all of us women like that.
Haha, i say women, but somehow men seem to like all this too. So there's my other subject. As you know i am a married woman, in the way where you promise to be faithful.
So how did this all start? Yes, i went on a quest to love my self more. I was very devoted to my husband, but he didn't express his love for me in a way i needed at that time. Something like that. Next thing i know, i start falling in love with a man, who does express himself to me in a way i like. Long story short. Here i am, 2 years later, my husband getting used to the new me(old really, i'm just discovering more of me). And i, Katrin (i am ready for a new name),having an affair with myheartrightsideup. I don't want it to be an affair, i want to have my cake and eat it too.
I want to share more about all this, they are such deliciously humorous sweet loving stories. I want to share, because i want to know if you recognize any of it, in your own way, or if i am just plain weird? Which is totally okay to me too. I do think that sexually i am lugging behind greatly.
Enlighten me!!!
10.000 kisses to all of you, dry and soft, wet and warm, rough and deep, etc, all over, wherever, however you like :)

oops, this should have been a photo of a kiss


  1. "Yes, i went on a quest to love my self more. I was very devoted to my husband, but he didn't express his love for me in a way i needed at that time."

    This is my story. This.is.my.story. The difference being that I left my husband. Something more is that I realized that I could not be myself fully in my relationship with my husband. I see myself emerging now and I am cautious. After all, I was not who I believed I was. There was more to me than I knew. And so now I am a little quieter and slower in thinking I have arrived anywhere, instead I accept that I am in flux and on a journey.

    As to sex, I laugh. I am much more private than you but less so than most others. But a truth that I have found is that once I held myself back inside of a partial me, and now that I have arrived at a larger me with a beautiful partner who sees and accepts me, well, the roof, she ain't on the house any more. :)

    You are daring. But what have we to lose in this world be being honest? More to lose in dishonesty, I think.


  2. I guess I forgot to post and then moved off.

    Katrin, you are just as our friend Erin says, more out there but not so different.

    As for me, as you might expect from knowing me so well, that when I can find a good fantasy in my loving I go higher. I don't mean I don't stay practical. You have seen that in me too as we talk back and forth. I mean that fantasy can be added and that is important.

  3. ik ben een takje en lik, lik, lik :-)