Monday, September 13, 2010

testing the water

too much, i said last time i was here
too much indeed
on this page here, i should be able to say anything
i want to say so much
so many secrets
that really i don't mind if any one knows
that really i like to share
so i will learn
and maybe so will you
what my life is about
my deepest joys my deepest fears
maybe not so different
where you say aha
where i will say
aha i'm not the only one
or where you say
i'm way beyond
i'm not there yet
or compassion for all our differences

do you want to hear
what i really want to share?
so really really i will dive in with more confidence
in new waters
waters i have never swam
water that could sweep me off
to strange and scary lands

is there a shore
where i will land?
maybe when i tell
you will tell me that
'katrin you're safe
there is a shore
i just don't know if it's white sand, warm mud, bright green rushes
but for sure there is a shore
and it is good'

will i speak? and will you listen?


  1. yes, i want to hear what you want to share. speak. i'll listen.

    what do we have to lose?


  2. What If You Told Me

    If you told me that
    I would have to build a cage
    to contain it all,
    all feathers, all fluffed
    up, willing to scream and peck
    out my eyes in love,
    the strange love of pain
    contained in hidden bloody
    words scrawled in the air.