Thursday, February 17, 2011

now the dream

this morning i did not get to write my dream, my dream last night that is, tomorrow i will write my dream for my future, my future.... you'll see i am driving in my car on a two lane road, i go forward,
there is a car right in front of me facing my way,
it's driving backwards the same speed as i,
it unnerves me, i swerve to the left and hit a car in the opposite lane.
because nothing happens when i hit it,
it makes me realizing i am dreaming (lucid)
the road becomes sandy
the landscape more beautiful
the car in front of me is gone
there is rocks to the right and a cliff to the left
all in pastel lovely blues and reds
and yellowish sand
the road becomes smaller and smaller
now it is just a clay edge on the side of the rock
i am walking now
knowing the sandy clay edge will not hold me
knowing that i am dreaming
i turn to the left and fly
as there is still a little bit of question in my mind if i am dreaming or not
i first free fall
but i find my wings in time
the way i fly is with my arms outstretched
and my feet together as the tail of a fish to steer
it's beautiful!
the land beneath me beautiful
being lucid, i realize that there are no electrical wires
in past flying dreams i always have to deal with power lines
not today
all the joy of excitement
hmmmm it wakes me up


  1. Mmm who wants to wake from a dream with a free fall

    Thanks for your visit - hope all is well

  2. yes all is well!
    i value my dreams highly, a dream like that; all is very well.

    thanks, both of you!

  3. what a gorgeous way to find you again. i wish i had such lucid power in my dreams. i'm not sure i'd ever wish to wake either.

    katrin, i can't thank you enough for finding me. i was innundated with a throng of strangers. i got nervous and fled. but it's still me and i'm well. seems you are too.


  4. Beautifully written. Very powerful images, and so much joy in the end. Beautiful.