Sunday, February 6, 2011


won't you be tempted
when you drive up to his house first time
and it's just that house that is just so
when you walk into the mudroom
and you see through a glass door
that it's a cherry wood dancing floor
and the wind is blowing form the mountains
and ocean is close by
won't you be tempted
when even curtains are the ones you've always liked
when he takes you to the bedroom
and the view from the picture window
is most incredibly
and the rain is only sweeping mist
and the waves are high
all weekend long he tells you things
but it really it is he that makes you what he says you are
his touch and kisses,
the things he does
the food he feeds you
won't you be tempted
to just step into this dream
where he is your king
and you're his queen


  1. a great dream - that man who with his words can make you a queen

    hugs my friend

    couldn't get in to comment for weeks :(

  2. see? i come back and read this again and it is beautiful. this line is the most intriguing, but it really it is he that makes you what he says you are. there is such power relinquished and power gained in this line.