Saturday, May 8, 2010

11 minutes

Paulo Coelho got it all wrong,
I would give anything for eleven seconds
what does he know about women anyway, being a man
oh right, if you read the book, he talks about men
giving everything for those 11 minutes

but really truly it is seconds
maybe even less
seconds of pure bliss
when it's happening and you know it
sometimes every 11 seconds
sometimes once every 11 days
sometimes once a life time
but always
always it will feel
like it's eternity


ps, i did not finish the book yet
i'm somewhere in between here and forever


  1. In The Updraft

    If I were to place
    my hands on you they would glide
    like a hawk in air
    high above the plain,
    feeling the warmth and the lay
    of things, the rose glow
    within, the rustling
    presence of all the others
    beneath your live skin.

  2. Wow,
    Between the photograph, the writing and Christpher's comment I need a cold shower and a smoke.

    great post.


  3. I'm not sure it is a difference between a man and a woman, but then I've never been a man and so can not know for sure, but I believe, that rather it is a difference in perspective. I have been lucky enough to have known of this perspective.


  4. So, what do you know about this perspective? :)
    I am in this phase where i babble, but realizes i know nothing.
    Here in this book, Paulo, a man takes the perspective of a woman, (protaganist a woman) that always irks me.