Monday, May 24, 2010


I think i lost Annie... to her garden maybe. She is not into this blogging much, i think. So i climb on the tractor to distract my husband, who is working the soil in my garden. Does he want to make pictures? he does, but.... i feel he rather enjoys my body a different way. We'll see. He took this photo yesterday, and more...
But it is different with my husband.... I don't know.
The whole thing of 'women laughing naked in the snow'. I am a heterosexual woman, and to make photos like this with women, there so much laughter and so much intimacy. The total Joy of it.
With my own husband....... well it's kind of normal, we have been together for 20 years.
I do have to say: that all this interest of me in my own body, has spiced our relationship,mmmmmm

hmmmmmm :), do you know any photographer/model ? doesn't have to be a farmer, but to love the outdoors is a must.

katrin x

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