Saturday, May 29, 2010


There's Annie
in her garden all right
i only get her to take
if i help out

now how do i get her
to take of her clothes?
i don't know
i do know
neighbours do drive by
and even a cop car
is going kind of slow


  1. Wild wild women, you two. Wild of the spirit.

    I wonder on this, though, after coming here for some time and I wonder if you think about it. How at first, naked might be tantalizing, but by being naked every day you have made it normal. And in this state of ordinary it becomes something entirely different. The mind is forced to think differently. To live in the world this way, to not shy of the passing cars, afterall, we are all more or less the same, we are saying something new. Perhaps old. Perhaps something that we never say any more at all. I am here. Look at me. I am both special and every man/woman and as a consequence, nothing special at all. Just human, but holy human, too.

    Ahhh...more coffee needed maybe.


  2. haa i wasnt lost,, always here,love to see you naked, playing in the water,all natural like,
    legs sturdy beneath you,,holding you , supporting you, strong and musclular,cute, playful, I miss you already,ill get naked ,anytime, just did not want to shock Autumn,,,,Post some more pictures of the water shots, and I will write a poem this week Love you

  3. Katrin these comments are from annie, me....

  4. anonymous, love you too:)
    Erin, yes i like what you say, very much, i had not looked at it that way.
    And Annie thanks so much for writing that. I feel for us all that specialness Erin talks about